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The Red House

The Red House is a building in the centre of Sofia that used to be the home of the Bulgarian sculptor Andrey Nikolov. Built in thespirit of Italy" the house invites the visitor to leave all prejudice out. Planned by one of the most remarkable architects of the time Ivan Vassilyov, the house is now a monument of culture of national significance. On his return from Rome, where he lived from 1914 to 1927, Andrey Nikolov decided to build a house-atelier in Sofia, a magical place which would preserve the spirit of Italy and create an atmosphere for a happy family life while responding to the needs of a sculptor. Ivan Vassiliov planned the building using drawings by Andrey Nikolov who was enchanted with the atmosphere of the Italian city. And not surprisingly, in this building, which is quite unusual for Sofia's architectural style, one could feel the taste of Italy.


After years of decay, Andrey Nikolov's house is now The Red House "Andrey Nikolov" Centre for Culture and Debate. This is a place that attracts contemporary audiences with cultural and socio-political programmes while at the same time introducing the public to the art of two great Bulgarian artists from the beginning of the century the architect Ivan Vassiliov and the sculptor Andrey Nikolov.


The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate offers multifunctional rooms for theatre performances, exhibitions, public debates, film shows, etc. The centre also houses the permanent exhibition of Andrey Nikolov's works, a library, an information center and a cafe restaurant.


Through artistic experiments and public debates which stimulate the critical reflection and the intellectual curiosity of the audience, the Red House Centre for Culture and Debate is a meeting place of different opinions - a space without prejudice.